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Flagstone patios have very organic appearance because they have variable shapes and earthy tones including grays, browns, reds and blues. sandstone, slate and limestone are typical and common types of flagstone for patios and walkways. The best part is that Flagstone is durable and naturally slip resistant. Plus, a flagstone patio will last for years.

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A yellow shield is on top of some blue servers.Flagston Patios in Berthoud, Loveland and Northern Colorado

Flagstone is a great natural material for patios and walkways. This is because it can be placed so it has narrow or wide joints that will allow water to seep through and drain away.

  • Some of the benefits a flagstone patio or walkway will provide are:
  • Natural look because of natural stone
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Creates a water permeable surface
  • It is easy to grow moss, grass or other ground cover between the stones
  • Vibrant and natural color with variation

A yellow shield is on top of some blue servers.Patterns for Flagstone Patio and Walkways

Flagstone can be used to create formal or informal patios and walkways. For a more formal looking patio or walkway, we cut flagstone lay them in a repeating pattern. For a more natural look, we will select irregular stones and lay them in random patterns.

Selecting a random rectangular pattern is great when you want to create a formal look. A rectangle shape has continuity of shape and the staggered joints will break up the look. When mortared we create a smooth surface making it easier to slide chairs and furniture around.

Flagstone pattern in an irregular or crazy gives a more casual and organic look and feel. It will emphasize the natural shape of the flagstone. Small gravel or groundcover are often used to fill in the gaps. It can also be mortared for a more finished look. If the joints are not mortared, we recommend wide, sturdy furniture so chair and table legs don’t get caught or off balanced.

Growing Plants Between Flagstone

It looks cool and is a desired effect to grow plants in the cracks between flagstones. Doing this will enhance the look of a patio. There are specific groundcover plants and grasses that are suited very well for this. We use various types of thyme, baby tears, dichondra, mint, sedum and moss.

We would love to help you mmake your flagstone patio a reality. Give us a call and let’s do it!

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