Landscape Renovations

Bolderscapes customers all realize that beautiful, and unique outdoor living spaces are important to them. When you partner with Bolderscapes Landscaping, we will renovate your landscape to get the most beautiful space possible for your money. You can always rest assured, knowing you have a highly experienced and focused contractor. We will ensure all of your landscape features including your patio, water features, lawns, trees, plants and hardscapes are perfect in every way.

Landscape Renovations In Berthoud and Loveland

Landscape Renovations

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Landscaping Features

Does your yard in Northern Colorado, Boulder, Longmont, Berthoud or Loveland need a redo? We understand that landscaping is an essential part of your homes value. We also know that you want a gorgeous yard! We will be a conscientious partner for any of your renovation landscaping projects. We will discuss your project and work with you to determine your goals for renewing you landscape features. Once we have met and discussed your desires, we will provide a plan and a quote. When you hire us, and we know you will, we will schedule your start date.

We like to ensure that working with Bolderscapes is a great experience. Your landscaping decision should start with experience. However our dedication and project management ensure your satisfaction. We always ensure our customers desires are understood and addressed in detail. Our crews are detail oriented and focused on providing great service while causing minimal interruption.


Hardscape features for your yard are the foundation of your landscape project. Hardscapes should have independent beauty. They involve paver walkways, patios, decorative concrete, water features, retaining walls and many other hard and fixed features.

  • Paver Patios and Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire Pits
  • Shade Structures
  • Staircases


Xeriscaping is not for yard but if you have an area of your yard you would like to stop maintaining, that may be a good place to start. Whatever your goal, water conservation or lowering maintenance, we are Colorado xeriscape experts. Westerly States like Colorado use a lot of water for landscapes, most of that going to turf grass. Xeriscape features, can reduce overall water use. We find more and more xeriscape features being implemented when water use is restricted.

Patios and Decks

A deck is an awesome addition to your home that adds value and space. Your living space can easily be extended into outdoor areas with a new patio, or extension to an existing patio. There is a considerable return on investment for decks and cost is much less when compared to indoor living spaces. Therefore, a patio or deck is one of the best places to put your money.

Paver Walkway and Patios

Paver are a beautiful way to add walkways and outdoor space to your yard and landscaping. If you have flat areas in your yard, you may be considering xeriscape to reduce maintenance or water use. However, these flat areas may be great to add paver features. Don’t miss an opportunity to expand your property value and sale-ability.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fencing gives outside areas a neat, inviting look. However, beside their appearance they also provide a good level of security. Bolderscapes will work with you to ensure your fence complies with all local restrictions and requirements.   

Irrigation and Drainage

Your new construction landscaping in Berthoud is likely not flat. However, even a flat lawn needs proper drainage. Areas of your yard that are not level have a chance that excess water will run and collect in certain areas. Water can often end up in these low areas resulting in  a waterlogged lawn or water running into the foundation of your home. We will ensure proper drainage by diverting excess water by using proper sloping, channels and french drains.

Grass and Turf

When you are performing renovation of your landscaping, it almost always means there will be some areas of sod removed or installed. We always ensure grass is properly removed, installed and in the end, all sod gets enough water to thrive.

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