Landscaping Hardscapes

Bolderescapes is your hardscapes in Berthoud are typically walkways, patios, rock features or seating areas. They are often hand selected rock at local quarries that are then hand-chipped or cut to fit well together. Since most are created from natural stone – it requires the eye of an artist and the hands of a craftsman. Every hardscape is custom and unique to your property.

Landscape Hardscapes in Berthoud Colorado

Landscaping Hardscapes in Berthoud

Designing a new outdoor space is the time when you should start by dreaming big. When you think about your yard, what do you dream about? You can always rein in your ideas later if they put you out of budget, but start with what you want. Doing this, we can work with you to make a list of features you want in your landscaping.

Landscaping Hardscapes in Berthoud How You Want It

Do you want a deck, patio, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, edible garden, outdoor shower or water feature? Once we know all of this we can guide your dreams to reality or help you rein in some of these ideas to help you separate the musts from the maybes.

Maximizing Your Budget for Landscaping Hardscapes

Next we will determine where we should splurge versus where to save. Some things are worth spending more to give your landscaping a good backbone. We always use the highest quality materials to withstand the elements and ensure excellent craftsmanship.

Get The Landscaping Look You Want

There are always ways to save money such as using gravel instead of pavers on paths. It is all up to your idea of what a fine finished landscape should look like to you. If you want a very finished look, gravel may not do, therefore a paver walkway may be more to your liking.

The Details Matter with Landscaping Hardscapes

The smallest details can have a very big impact in landscaping. This is why it is critical to ensure hardscape materials such as stone, pavers, concrete, gravel, wood, paint and hardware will work together and last. We also make sure they will complement your home’s architectural style.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are rigid walls or barriers intended to support lateral soil mass so soil can be retained at different levels. They are essentially designed to restrain soil on a slope that would not otherwise be sustained due to erosion. Retaining walls can be highly decorative and provide a very rich aesthetic look with multiple levels or terraces, or to define inset pathways.

Stairways, Walkways & Paths

Walkways and paths are functional parts of every yard that often get missed in homeowners ideas. The main features such as patios, decks and retaining walls are thought of but getting to and from is not always figured out. When there are multiple levels in a yard as most larger properties have, there is a need for clearly defined walkways and staircases. We will design incredible stairways, walkways and paths to ensure your property stands out and is super functional as well.  

Fireplace & Fire Pits

Fire Pits and Fireplaces are the centerpiece for any evening get together and should be considered a focal point. Fireplaces and fire pits are often literally at the center of all of the other landscaping features. It is also often times the one that gets used the most. Therefore, this is no place to skimp in design or usability. We are experts at making these features uber useful, elegant and fun.


Fencing defines your property boundary and lets people know where they should and should not be. However, fences are also decorative features that should not be an after thought. If your fence is done right, it should become a key part of your landscaping. 

Pergolla & Gazebo

 Everyone who lives in Colorado likely knows the advantage of having a Pergolla or Gazebo. We construct beautiful, permanent structures to provide shade and cover during inclement weather, but also a focal point for your homes landscape.  

Outdoor Kitchens

No upscale home is complete without an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners are choosing to add large, functional outdoor cooking spaces as a primary feature versus the old days of just buying a grill. Many properties now come with a fully appointed outdoor kitchen, including cooking, grilling, baking, refrigeration, food prep areas and even dishwashers. Just ask and we can include an awesome kitchen in your plan. 


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