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Native Plants

Planning a beautiful landscape is more than just choosing some exotic and attractive plants and trees and installing them in various outdoor areas of your property. Today, an increasing number of property owners are looking for responsible ways to build landscapes that will also conserve water. We at Boulderscapes create superb Xeriscapes that incorporate various water conservation methods.

Installing drought-resistant native plants is one of the best ways to reduce water consumption in landscapes while improving sustainability. These plants use far less water than non-native plants and shrubs. We have vast experience in native plant horticulture and soil amendment techniques.

When used in the right measure, this becomes a very effective way to curtail water consumption in your landscape. Most of the species of native plants in Colorado and the surrounding areas can be grown in yards, gardens, and landscapes. They make excellent additions to Rock, Xeric, and Native gardens. Installing a native garden requires knowledge, skill, and expertise, and we have these and the resources needed to handle your Xeriscaping project.

Types of Native Plants

Selecting Colorado native planting can be challenging for local gardeners because they aren’t familiar with the ornamental characteristics. We have handled a large number of similar projects in the past and can recommend which native plants and grasses for landscapes would be best suited to your project. Some common plants we use include:

  • False Indigo/Lead Plant
  • New Mexico Privet
  • Mountain Mahogany
  • Hoptree
  • Apache Plume
  • Chokecherry
  • Rabbitbrush
  • Potentilla
  • Three-Leaf Sumac
  • Fernbush
  • Western Water Birch
  • Sagebrush
  • Western Sandcherry

Service Berry

We help you make the best native plant choices as per your design needs and the layout and theme of your landscape. Our experts will also group the plantings into water-use zones. It creates the most efficient watering schedules for our clients.

For any more information about dry river bed installation, feel free to contact Bolderscapes at 1.720.877.6664. You can also send us your queries and project requirements through this Contact Us form, and we will respond shortly.

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