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Berthoud Outdoor Kitchen – Outdoor kitchens allow us to enhance backyard entertaining while minimizing the fuss. They allow you to avoid running between your indoor stove your outdoor guests. We have included some things to think about when dreaming of your outdoor kitchen.

Berthoud Outdoor Kitchen

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Berthoud Outdoor Kitchen

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If Your Home is Modern Go Modern

Your outdoor kitchen should match your home. If your home is modern, think about your space outdoors and how it can compliment your indoor space. Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to match your kitchen inside your home, it is more of the feel of your home. If you have a country home, having a super modern outdoor space will likely seem out of place. The same goes for a country themed outdoor kitchen with an ultra-modern home. Whatever you choose, it should match your home and your style.

A yellow shield is on top of some blue servers.Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Much like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen will also require ample storage. When we design your outdoor cooling space, we always make sure to include weather proof cabinets and storage. We recommend stainless steel cabinets because they will endure the elements without rusting.

Want Your outside Kitchen to Feel Like a Room Outdoors?

You should consider your outdoor kitchen the same way you think of a room in your house. However, you can take it a step further and make your outdoor kitchen an actual room. We can create a covered space so you can avoid cooking in the elements. This space can include many of the indoor amenities you are used to. It is not unusual for an outdoor kitchen to have a full cooking range with vent, kitchen cupboards, ceiling fans, and covered with a full roof!

A yellow shield is on top of some blue servers.Ever Want a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza in your own back yard? Why not? Hotdogs and hamburgers are great backyard bbq staples. However, including a pizza oven will set you apart from pretty much all of your neighbors.

You Need to Plan Your Outdoor Seating

We will work with you to ensure we match your outdoor seating to your expected number of guests. If you hold large parties, we will ensure there is local and remote seating. By planning ahead, we can ensure your space is comfortable allowing people to mingle or to sit at a large table. We make sure there is space for plenty of chairs for your friends and family. Then we give you a great place for cool drinks and even a TV to the wall if you desire.

A yellow shield is on top of some blue servers.Lighting is Important for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Many of our customers have their outdoor events after sunset. We know that no one wants to cook with someone holding a flashlight. Just like your indoor kitchen, we will ensure you have the lighting you need to be able to properly measure ingredients, prepare food and cook your masterpiece meal. Adding a ceiling fan and light combo is a great addition along with outdoor lights so you can cook in well-lit condition regardless of the time of day.

Outdoor Dishwashers and Sinks

A dishwasher and properly sized sink is essential for outdoor cooking. This is especially true when handling raw meat and other ingredients. We go the extra mile to include these features for your outdoor cooking space.

Did we miss anything? It is time to ask, what your outdoor kitchen should include. When you are ready to indulge and create a stay-cation space in your backyard, give us a call. We are experts at designing and installing simple or restaurant quality outdoor kitchen into your landscape design.

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