Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is one of the hottest new trends patios in Berthoud and Northern Colorado. Concrete no longer needs to be the old plain drab boring grey. It is now used as a decorative element to enhance your landscape appearance.

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Decorative Concrete In Berthoud

loveland curved decorative concrete decorative concrete in berthoudHomeowners recognize the obvious value in using decorative concrete. Decorative concrete can transform concrete patios into warm slate looking patios. They can give the appearance of weathered and old flooring.

Decorative Concrete in Berthoud and Northern Colorado

loveland stamped concrete example decorative concrete in berthoudDecorative concrete allows for varying colors that can also give that Spanish tile look at half the cost. You can even embed personal mementos in your new decorative concrete patio. Advancements in concrete dyes, textures and decorative patterns make concrete a very versatile, extremely durable and affordable material.

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We would be happy to give you some ideas. We will show you how custom decorative concrete could be used for your landscape plan. We will discuss the different aspects including color, stencil & stamp patterns and more.

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