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We have heard people call a pergola an arbor, a colonnade, qnd even a trellis. Regardless of the terminology used, we love to build them. There is so much craftsmanship and balance with the layout and love to ensure it is trimmed out just right.

Pergolas are usually considered luxury items, requiring nice materials and workmanship. We will carefully prepare the site ensuring proper drainage. We will also add buried electrical lines before we lay any concrete pads.

Making Sure Your Pergola is Proportioned Right

Proportion of your pergola is critical. Your pergola needs to be in the Goldilock zone, not too big or not too small. We will ensure you end up with a pergola that’s not too small, skinny or tall for your overall landscape plan. You don’t want some structure that looks like a tower or something that does not match your yard. Give Bolderscapes a call and let’s sit down and figure out what would work best for you.

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