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Maintaining a healthy lawn is tough in our climate. Maintaining grass requires significant time and work to keep that green stuff looking good. Xeriscape can help by removing unused grass areas. Xeriscape is not just a bunch of rocks or mulch. See what the Xeriscape Experts in Loveland can do for your yard.

Xeriscape Experts in Loveland, Northern Colorado

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Colorado Xeriscape Experts in Loveland and Berthoud

As Xeriscape experts in Loveland and Berthoud Colorado, we understand our semi-arid climate. Semi-arid means we have a naturally dry climate in this area of the country. However, there is a large variety of low water plants to bring in some color and function to your landscape. Xeriscape is a really common sense approach to landscaping which incorporates the use of Colorado climate adapted native plants, effective irrigation and of course the use of water saving rock and mulches.

Xeriscape Is Good for The Environment

Save time mowing once every week or two and weed whacking. In addition are the dethatching, aerating and seeding rituals not to mention weeding, disease, and pest control. Saving water by removing the need for above ground sprinkler systems. Energy benefits may not seem obvious but while a lawn can help reduce home cooling by as much as 4 percent, Xeriscaping with trees, shrubs and vines cut cooling costs up to 46 percent.
Landfill space is often overlooked but a real concern. Grass clippings add waste to our landfills. Noise pollution is reduced because gas-powered mowers, blowers and weed trimmers are no longer needed. Xeriscape areas provide habitat for wildlife by providing native plants, shrubs, and trees that will offer a familiar habitat for local wildlife.

We are Xeriscape Experts in Loveland and Nothern Colorado

Bolderscapes will use all of our expertise to incorporate the natural and efficient features you desire.



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